Phimosis and Circumcision in Japan. Rolling Back the Foreskin.

There is also a phenomenon that can be observed; the older generation has this custom of rolling back their foreskin in the bathhouse. I remember thinking my landlord may have been circumcised (he and I were good friends, and he used to invite me whenever he went out with his buddies), but then one time I caught him with his foreskin down, and he had quite a lot of overhang. With a single motion his foreskin was tucked behind the head of his penis, and he looked circumcised.

So then, some men may look circumcised, when they’re actually not. In my experience, younger guys tend not to do this; most younger guys leave their foreskins down and don’t care.

Japan is a mixture of different cultures, old and new. I wonder if this foreskin rolling phenomenon is old, or if it’s new, created when foreigners tried to import circumcision into the country… I wonder if the idea of “childhood phimosis” existed before the West tried to bring in circumcision, or if it was invented afterwards…


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