Spoon method of foreskin retraction

Foreskin stays back easier with the spoon method, however, the pulled back method seems to “train”  foreskin better to stay back on its own…

“The idea is to roll the foreskin forward over itself on the shaft behind the glans, sometimes with the assistance of a thin object like a spoon handle, creating a pocket that keeps the foreskin neatly tucked back. It’s a popular method, but some guys seem to think that if it works for them, it works for everyone. Not true. It actually requires a pretty particular set of characteristics.

For this method to work, you really have to be a shower; growers have considerable difficulty with it. From personal experience, what happens is that when forming the pocket at a semi-erect state, it works and looks great. However, when flaccid, the penis becomes small enough that the doubled-over foreskin still rolls forward to cover part or most of the glans anyway, defeating the purpose (although it is the outer foreskin which makes contact with the glans, which can still help dry it). And when erect, the pocket can easily unfold as the penis becomes much longer.

This method can also be difficult to achieve if you have a loose foreskin opening. It’s really the opening that’s holding the pocket folded on the shaft, so if it’s too loose, it doesn’t matter how much coercing you do, it’ll come unfolded.

Lastly a short foreskin can make it impossible to make a pocket in the first place, or the pocket will easily come unfolded with a semi or erection.

Good for: showers with a normal-to-tight foreskin opening and a normal-to-long foreskin.”



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