Torn frenulum

The frenulum is a strip of skin which attaches the foreskin to the shaft of the penis on the undersurface of the glans. This can be torn during sexual intercourse, particularly if it is a bit tight. This can lead to bleeding which can be a bit alarming! 
The tear usually heals naturally and you just need to keep it clean. An antibiotic cream may be necessary.
Sometimes the tear heals but with the formation of scar tissue causing a painful ftethering effect, especially in the erect state. If this occurs surgical intervention may be necessary.
A complete tear of the frenulum usually settles on its own. If scarring occurs, or if the tear is incomplete and the frenulum remains tight causing discomfort during sex, a surgical procedure called frenuloplasty might be indicated. During this operation, the surgeon essentially lengthens the renulum to allow greater freedom of movement. This eliminates the discomfort during intercourse and reduces the chance of any further tears.


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