Choosing Circumcision

My Husband

August 18, 2016 at 12:57 pm

“When I met my husband he wasn’t circumcised. After being together for a while and being comfortable with each other I one day retracted his foreskin and said “you should leave it like that.” When he asked me why, I was honest and told him that I think it looked better than when his head was covered. He decided he would keep this skin pulled back permanently as I liked it so much and he was getting more used to it. For a few months, his skin would still occasionally roll forward, but eventually it got “trained” to stay back.  I had asked him a few times if he ever thought about getting circumcised but he hadn’t and since his skin was permanently retracted I never pushed the issue. One year, after a physical, my husband told me he’d talked to his doctor about getting circumcised and was referred to a urologist. My husband had set up an appointment and was getting circumcised the next month. I was pretty happy and he was circumcised and healed without any issues.”



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