What do Korean girls think of uncircumcised boys?

“My Korean girl + foreskin life.

Girl 1) I was expected to wash it before she would touch it in anyway. Expected to cut it at marriage. Suggested frequently about doing it.

Girl 2) Questioned why I didnt do it. No other issues.(short term fling)

Girl 3) insisted I kept the skin retracted at all times. She didnt want me to cut it, but only if I wanted. I’ve since left it retracted whenever comfortable- It helped with sensitivity. She would give me handjobs and blowjobs just like I was a cut guy, by leaving the skin pulled back tight and working on the head. It wasnt nice at all at first but I learned to prefer it that way. We dated 2 years so she had the most influence on me.

Keep your foreskin retracted

Girl 4) She only saw it retracted. Never asked about it. Another shortterm.

Girl 5) Kept retracted until she saw it covered one day. She had assumed I was cut. I since developed a cyst on my dickt. She said I should cut it and get circumcised at the same time.

Also leaving it retracted is a great way to avoid stares in the jimjilbang”



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