A lot of guys that aren’t circumcised, make the decision to keep the foreskin back permanently. I have started keeping my foreskin retracted 6 years ago. At the beginning the foreskin would go back over the glans and I had to pull it back again. I started to use the silicone glans ring to keep my foreskin retracted and it worked great. The glans has dried out a bit and has turned from pink to purple. It seems like the corona has widened a bit. I love the way it looks and feels. The penis is a lot cleaner, there is no smell anymore. I only pull it forward when I shower and clean my penis otherwise It is always retracted.

Permanently uncovered glans



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am autocircumcised purely because I prefer to permanently expose my knob, pure and simple. I have found this site interesting but, as always with this subject, I found myself getting impatient at reading the comments about ‘the problem of smegma’
    and how much cleaner it is to be autocircumcised. All irrelevant. You solve that problem in a different way – you keep yourself CLEAN. You WASH yourself daily.
    End of!


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