A lot of guys that aren’t circumcised, make the decision to keep the foreskin back permanently. I have started keeping my foreskin retracted 6 years ago.
At the beginning the foreskin would go back over the glans and I had to pull it back again. I started to use the silicone glans ring to keep my foreskin retracted and it worked great. The glans has dried out a bit and has turned from pink to purple. It seems like the corona has widened a bit. I love the way it looks and feels. The penis is a lot cleaner, there is no smell anymore. I only pull it forward when I shower and clean my penis otherwise It is always retracted.



Sensitivity of the exposed glans

The surface of the exposed glans gradually becomes tougher and less sensitive.

How to achieve the circumcised look of your penis? Wear the silicone glans ring 24/7. Fantastic result with minimal effort.

My current boyfriend is uncut and I LOVE it.

“My current boyfriend is uncut and I LOVE it… the motion feels better and more natural and can make it less painful and more enjoyable for the girl. Cut is good too but will more likely result in irritation.”


Circumcision in South Korea

“Circumcision itself was almost unknown in South Korea before before the US trusteeship, 1945-48, and the heavy US involvement in the Korean War; 1950-53. Older men report not having heard of it (except in a biblical context) before then. It seems an inescapable conclusion that it was adopted because of US cultural influence. It is reported to have greatly increased in the 1960s, with many articles in newspapers promoting it. Since then it has become almost universal. An estimated 14 million South Korean men are now circumcised. While circumcision has declined in the United States over the last two decades, in South Korea it has not. In fact, circumcision of adults currently makes the circumcision rate higher than the birthrate!”


Foreskin retraction in Japan

“Asian guys generally have short foreskin so they keep it retracted.

It’s considered unsightly to have foreskin covering the penis. In Japanese it’s called a 包茎 and if you look at shunga you’ll see that it’s exclusively on men meant to be depicted as ugly (not just in looks, but in character as well) ”


The gliding motion of the foreskin

Most uncircumcised guys don’t use direct contact on the glans and instead slide the foreskin back and forth over the head.