Auto-circumcision (permanent foreskin retraction) as an alternative to circumcision

Keeping the foreskin continuously rolled back


Keep your foreskin retracted, see if you like the feeling. If you decide to get a circumcision, you won’t have to worry about excessive sensitivity

Keeping the foreskin back is a great way to prepare for being circumcised, as you will start experiencing what being circumcised will be like.

Silicone glans ring for a healthy, functioning penis

All uncircumcised boys with healthy foreskins should be educated about wearing they foreskins retracted

There are many men who’s mothers cared for their penises properly when they were babies, and they are naturally circumcised. You cannot tell they have not been surgically circumcised, unless they deliberately pull the foreskin down over the gland. Many of them “wear it back” all the time, and women never even know they were not circumcised.

Recurrent Balanitis

I have had recurrent Balanitis for about 3 years. I have tried all the simple remedies (e.g. cleanliness & avoiding soap) as well as antifungal and steroid creams. My doctor kept insisting on a circumcision. I searched the internet and read what it was like to be circumcised and made the appointment for circumcision.

Foreskin retraction glans penis ring

I read somewhere that keeping foreskin retracted can reduce the sensitivity of glans and make it more comfortable after circumcision. I started to wear the silicone ring. After 3 weeks of wearing glans uncovered the Balanitis was completely gone and I canceled the circumcision appointment. I wear the silicone glans ring all the time,started this 5 years ago and have no problems since.