This glans ring feels amazing and gives your penis a hot appearance


Auto-circumcision (permanent foreskin retraction) as an alternative to circumcision

Keeping the foreskin continuously rolled back

Keeping (uncut) foreskin retracted all the time

Keeping the foreskin retracted can become a medical emergency only if the penis has phimosis (in the retracted state, then paraphimosis). Otherwise, keeping the foreskin retracted is not only OK but even advisable. It’s the best way to keep it clean and to prevent phimosis and hypersensitivity of the penis head. Many of us choose to wear our foreskins permanently retracted, as it provides all the benefits of circumcision, and can even eliminate any need for circumcision. This should be encouraged, starting from the time of early potty training, for every uncircumcised boy.


Keep your foreskin retracted, see if you like the feeling. If you decide to get a circumcision, you won’t have to worry about excessive sensitivity

Keeping the foreskin back is a great way to prepare for being circumcised, as you will start experiencing what being circumcised will be like.

Training the foreskin to stay retracted behind the glans with silicone glans ring

Leaving Your Foreskin Behind Your Head All The Time?

Quite a few years back I decided to keep my foreskin back permanently. Once I got past the extreme sensitivity of head, it feels wonderful. The skin did swell so I put the foreskin back just for a couple of days then pulled it back again.

Today it will sit back out of the way no problems, in fact I can’t leave it forward very long and it goes back behind the gland.

For me I’m very happy with my decision, it’s dry, clean and fresh all the time. My wife likes it better too. Everything I do feels better and that looks great. It’s easier to get an erection and keep it longer. Pulling the skin back further and harder when erected is amazing.

Very glad I did this and I hope this helps

Silicone glans ring for a healthy, functioning penis