All uncircumcised boys with healthy foreskins should be educated about wearing they foreskins retracted

There are many men who’s mothers cared for their penises properly when they were babies, and they are naturally circumcised. You cannot tell they have not been surgically circumcised, unless they deliberately pull the foreskin down over the gland. Many of them “wear it back” all the time, and women never even know they were not circumcised.


Autocircumcision using the silicone glans ring

Silicone glans ring is a simple, comfortable and very efficient device for the continuous foreskin retraction.

Retraction of the foreskin

“Most find it uncomfortable and oversensitive initially and it takes about 3-4 weeks for the hypersensitivity to settle down as keratinization occurs. Once this has been achieved, few wish to revert to their previous mode of wearing the foreskin down.”

Dr. Derek Freedman  

Skinning it back

“A doctor from Saginaw, Michigan writing in 1951 coined the term “autocircumcision” to name the condition of a penis that appeared circumcised but had no history of surgery. He estimated at the time he was writing that probably 1/3 of the males living in his area of practice were circumcised, with a greater proportion of the population among younger men and boys. He estimated that of men born in 1900, 5 percent were circumcised, 15 percent were autocircumcised, and the remaining 80 percent remained as God had made them. He assumed that most of the autocircumcised were that way through their own choice; nobody else had made them alter their penises. Nowadays, almost 50 years after the time he wrote, the estimate is that some 85 percent of males living in the Midwestern USA are circumcised, so very few boys were left with a foreskin to modify for themselves, as many of their grandfathers had done. Most of the autocircumcised men you’ll find in North America today are 70 years of age and older.”