The term Autocircumcision in medical books


David Gollaher

Dr John Smith


All uncircumcised boys with healthy foreskins should be educated about wearing they foreskins retracted

There are many men who’s mothers cared for their penises properly when they were babies, and they are naturally circumcised. You cannot tell they have not been surgically circumcised, unless they deliberately pull the foreskin down over the gland. Many of them “wear it back” all the time, and women never even know they were not circumcised.

Retraction of the foreskin

“Most find it uncomfortable and oversensitive initially and it takes about 3-4 weeks for the hypersensitivity to settle down as keratinization occurs. Once this has been achieved, few wish to revert to their previous mode of wearing the foreskin down.”

Dr. Derek Freedman  

Sensitivity of the exposed glans

The surface of the exposed glans gradually becomes tougher and less sensitive.

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Нехирургическое обрезание (Autocircumcision)

  • Нехирургическое обрезание (Autocircumcision) это метод обучения крайней плоти оставаться постоянно оттянутой за головку создавая впечатление обрезанного полового члена. Эта практика очень распространена в Японии. Метод может также рассматриваться как нехирургическое обрезание. Длительность процесса во многом зависит от индивидуальных анатомических особенностей полового органа как например: величина головки, длина крайней плоти и уздечки. Для фиксации положения крайней плоти могут быть использованы кольца (насадки) на головку члена, широкий ассортимент которых, представлен на Японском и Китайском маркете.
  • Аэрация головки полового члена с помощью гигиенического силиконового кольца-насадки препятствует накоплению смегмы и предупреждает развитие воспалительных процессов.
  • Использование силиконового кольца ретрактора для поддержания головки постоянно открытой  позволяет значительно сократить время лечения баланита (воспаление кожи головки полового члена).
  • Уменьшение чувствительности головки полового члена посредством постоянно открытого её состояния с помощью силиконового кольца-ретрактора является быстрым и надежным способом лечения раннего семяизвержения у пациентов с повышенной поверхностной чувствительностью.

What do Korean girls think of uncircumcised boys?

“My Korean girl + foreskin life.

Girl 1) I was expected to wash it before she would touch it in anyway. Expected to cut it at marriage. Suggested frequently about doing it.

Girl 2) Questioned why I didnt do it. No other issues.(short term fling)

Girl 3) insisted I kept the skin retracted at all times. She didnt want me to cut it, but only if I wanted. I’ve since left it retracted whenever comfortable- It helped with sensitivity. She would give me handjobs and blowjobs just like I was a cut guy, by leaving the skin pulled back tight and working on the head. It wasnt nice at all at first but I learned to prefer it that way. We dated 2 years so she had the most influence on me.

Keep your foreskin retracted

Girl 4) She only saw it retracted. Never asked about it. Another shortterm.

Girl 5) Kept retracted until she saw it covered one day. She had assumed I was cut. I since developed a cyst on my dickt. She said I should cut it and get circumcised at the same time.

Also leaving it retracted is a great way to avoid stares in the jimjilbang”