Autocircumcision using the silicone glans ring

Silicone glans ring is a simple, comfortable and very efficient device for the continuous foreskin retraction.


Retraction of the foreskin

“Most find it uncomfortable and oversensitive initially and it takes about 3-4 weeks for the hypersensitivity to settle down as keratinization occurs. Once this has been achieved, few wish to revert to their previous mode of wearing the foreskin down.”

Dr. Derek Freedman  

Sensitivity of the exposed glans

The surface of the exposed glans gradually becomes tougher and less sensitive.

How to achieve the circumcised look of your penis? Wear the silicone glans ring 24/7. Fantastic result with minimal effort.

Penis with the foreskin retracted from a woman’s perspective

“From a woman’s perspective I can tell you that a penis with the foreskin retracted is much sexier than when the head is covered. Most of my friends prefer their husbands and boyfriends penises to be uncovered. there is just something majestic about large exposed mushroom head. One of my friends husband was uncut and my friend wanted him to get circumcised. He refused, so they worked out a compromise that he would pull back his foreskin and keep it retracted.”


Michelle      Uncut And Keeping Foreskin Retracted 

“I have to largely concurr with the woman above regarding the exposed glans. I would only add that from my own experience there seem to be two kinds of uncircumcised penis, one where the glans is fully exposed when erect and the other type where the foreskin partially covers the glans. From a woman’s perspective the fully exposed glans is far more attractive, especially where oral sex is concerned. The foreseking covering the glans is a little disconcerting and just seems to be in the way. I’m not particularly concerned with how the penis looks when flaccid although if I had to choose I’d probably say the exposed glans is more attractive there too.”

Lisa                  Exposed glans