Autocircumcision using the silicone glans ring

Silicone glans ring is a simple, comfortable and very efficient device for the continuous foreskin retraction.


Retraction of the foreskin

“Most find it uncomfortable and oversensitive initially and it takes about 3-4 weeks for the hypersensitivity to settle down as keratinization occurs. Once this has been achieved, few wish to revert to their previous mode of wearing the foreskin down.”

Dr. Derek Freedman  

How to achieve the circumcised look of your penis? Wear the silicone glans ring 24/7. Fantastic result with minimal effort.

Making the foreskin retractable

Occasionally a male reaches adulthood with a non-retractile foreskin.

The foreskin usually can be made retractable by: • Manual stretching • Application of topical steroid ointment • A combination of stretching plus topical steroid ointment • Preputial plasty. Male circumcision is an outmoded treatment for non-retractile foreskin, but it is still recommended by many urologists because of lack of adequate information and understanding of alternative methods of relief. Nevertheless, circumcision should be avoided because of pain, trauma, cost, complications, difficult recovery, permanent injury to the appearance of the penis, loss of pleasurable erogenous sensation, and impairment of erectile and ejaculatory functions.

The Development of Retractile Foreskin in the Child and Adolescent

Instant circumcision experience

Medical tape for autocircumcision

Auto-circumcision where the foreskin is trained to stay retracted always

In fact, it is more hygienic to do so as the offensive  smegma is impossible to accumulate and I have the circumcised look without the scar.